Lucid Moon

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Welcome to the world of "Lucid Moon"! Here You will get an insight to one of the hottest new hard rock acts from Norway!

"Lucid Moon" is the ultimate hard rock band and combines serenity with insanity. These guys are doing their best to follow in the footsteps of old heroes like Ozzy, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin & Dio, but has added a touch of funky & psychelic elements that represents them as a unique band in the myriad of hard rock acts today!

Lucid News:



Lucid Moon has come to an agreement with "GT Music Booking" that will help the band out at this early stage of their career. Hopefully this will result in more "action" regarding live shows.

Lucid Moon will use the end of March & entire April on writing new material that probably will end up on their planned album later this year.

Rumors is that there will be 3 "rare" recordings of "Lucid`s" songs on the upcoming EP. A demo version of "Is It True", "Out in the cold" with guitarist Kenneth on lead vocals & a demo from their first rehersal together that resaulted in the demo "Naivity". These rumors has not yet been confirmed.


All the basic tracks has been recorded, but the band will enter the studio even one more time to lay down a few more guitar tracks to "spice it up" & some additional percussion before they are completely satisfied.


Lucid Moon has just had a weekend at Toproom studio and recorded 4 songs for their upcoming single "Mr. Desire" & these are the songs:

- Mr. Desire

- Out In The Cold

- Bye Carolina

- Is It True

Lucid will add their final touch on those songs 10.03-2005

The band has had a different approach regarding their sound and the bands frontman and singer "Steffan" promise that fans of their music and this genre won`t be disappointed. He also added that their music has gotten a bit more exciting with a "progressive" twist, without removing their rock n`roll/Heavy Metal basics.

We will add excerpts of the songs from this upcoming single as soon as they are available.

Lucid Moon will also like to take the oppertunity to send their thanks to BÝrge Finstad & Toproom studio for support and input regarding their music.

When these studio sessions is over, Lucid will start to promote themselves in anyway they can and the dates will be announced here in the news section.

J. Nile